why a kitty wattle?

topic posted Sun, September 18, 2005 - 8:03 AM by  pepper
my two 3 year old female (indoor) cats have always had a sort of "stomach wattle". i don't know what to call this but borrow a term usually associated with fowl, "wattle"- fold(s) of skin that hang from the throat, like on a turkey. we adopted a male kitten about a month ago who is now 4-5 months old. within a few weeks of having him neutered, he has developed the same feature- this stomach "wattle". even the cat we had some years ago who was an indoor/outdoor cat had this, so i don't think the relative inactivity of an indoor cat is the entire reason.
does anyone know anything about this?
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    Sun, September 18, 2005 - 9:15 AM
    ahem. please dont make fun of my muffin top... i try hard to stay fit, but that extra bite of kibble is sooooo delicious and i like laying on the couch all day...

    there is just more of me to love!

    im not sure why i have it either though, my WAB keeps me on a tight diet and i do get decent excercise....

    (my wab calls it my "apron")
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    Tue, September 20, 2005 - 9:41 AM
    It's called the primordial pouch, and it happens for a variety of reasons. Being overweight is only one of them. Sometimes they appear after undergoing abdominal surgery (which would include getting speutered), sometimes they appear as they hit sexual maturity. Some breeds, like the pixie-bob, actually have the primordial pouch as part of the breed standard (if I remember correctly). It's relatively common in wildcats and big cats; check out some pictures of lions some time, and you can see it in some of them.

    Personally, I call it the FUPA--fat upper pussy area. My two cats have it, but they appeared only after they got fixed. Eric's is much smaller than Hitler's. He was a cryptorchid, so they had to go digging around for his other testicle, so he has a spay-like scar on his belly.

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